Scallion Flatbread

scallion flatbread on a cooling rack

An easy recipe for no-yeast skillet flatbread, flecked with bright, oniony scallions. They are perfectly flaky and soft, and ready in under an hour!



  • 2 1/2 C (360 g) all-purpose flour, plus extra for dusting
  • 5 scallions, sliced thin
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 1 1/2 tsp kosher salt
  • 3 TBS vegetable oil, plus about 1/3 C for frying
  • 1 C ice water (for an accurate measurement, fill a large glass with ice water and measure out 1 C)


  1. In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, scallions, baking powder, and salt. Add in the oil and water and stir until the dough forms a messy ball. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and let sit for 10 minutes.
  2. Heat a large cast iron skillet over medium-high heat and heat 1-2 TBS of oil.
  3. Divide the dough into 10 balls. Working with one or two at a time, dip a ball in flour and roll it out with a rolling pin until it’s about 1/4″ thick. Place the dough round into the heated oil and cook on the first side until it’s golden and a bubble or two have puffed up on the surface of the dough. Flip and cook on the other side for another minute or two, until golden. Transfer to a wire rack to cool. Repeat with remaining flatbreads, adding more oil each time.


I found these cooked and puffed up best when I added enough oil to coat the pan, plus a little extra. Depending on the size of your skillet, it will probably be a couple tablespoons of oil for each batch of dough rounds.

Freeze leftover flatbreads and reheat them in the toaster or in a 350 degree oven.

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