Perfect Pot Roast for Sandwiches

Sliced pot roast on a cutting board with a slicing knife

It’s 3pm on a Friday, which is a day off for me. We’re having leftovers tonight (determined by the sushi we brought home in a to-go container from the amazing Single Fin restaurant in Nags Head). Normally, I don’t love a day when I know we’re eating straight up leftovers and not leftovers that I’m turning into a brand new dish. I guess I just miss the opportunity to cook a meal? Today, leftovers are fine because I’m still cooking: Perfect Pot Roast intended for Joey’s lunch sandwiches. Continue reading “Perfect Pot Roast for Sandwiches”

Beef Bolognese

Beef bolognese over pasta in bowls with parmesan cheese on top

It’s summer and it’s hot out but sometimes you just need a bowl of pasta with a rich and meaty sauce. That time is today! I forgot to include the garlic bread and salad in this picture but you get – big, fat Italian meal= happy. Speaking of this picture – does it not look way more pro than my usual pics? That’s because our friend Tony Politi shot this with a real fancy pants camera. Oh, and he also has camera knowledge and skills… Sigh. Still working on that part over here.

Back to food. I should clarify, this Beef Bolognese recipe is more than just a rich and meaty sauce. Continue reading “Beef Bolognese”

Chicken Salad

Chicken salad with grapes, celery, and almonds in a stainless steel bowl with a spoon on a wooden table.

Chicken salad is one of those classics that it’s ok to mess with.

My 98 year old grandmother, Mamaw, lives with my mom and dad, right down the street from Joey and me. We’re lucky to have family so close and I still don’t spend as much time with Mamaw as I should. My mom does all the hard work of taking care of the house, cooking for my dad and Mamaw, and she works at our our spice shop in Duck.

Last night, I roasted a bunch of bone-in, skin-on chicken breasts to use for Joey’s sandwich fillings (I recently decided we could do better than processed turkey every day). While I was at it, I made some chicken salad to share with Mamaw and maybe lighten my mom’s load just a teeny tiny bit. Continue reading “Chicken Salad”